The management policy of HIDROSTROITEL PA PLC is aimed at realized high quality in every activity
to completely meet the demands of the clients by offering quality construction according to
the national legislation, providing safe and healthy working conditions and managing
the impact on the environment.


1. Quality of work:

  • Providing priority of quality in the activity of HIDROSTROITEL PA PLC.

  • Quality performance  of construction-mounting works and their full correspondence to the clients` demands as well as to the legislative demands for the construction process.

  • Constant aiming at the application of the latest technologies and materials in the construction practices.

  • Optimizing the processes at the company - of adequacyq aims and correspondence to the legislative requirements for constant perfection and development.

  • Application of the requirement for quality of the products and services rendered by suppliers and sub-constructors of the company.

  1. 2. Health and safety at work

  • Creation  of such working conditions which do not lead to professional illnesses and working accidents and which are a prerequisite for the complete physical, mental and social welfare of the company staff, the sub-constructors and any other people related to the activity.

  • Realization of higher than the minimum demands legislatively determined as the least acceptable demands for health protection of the workers and for their safety at work, with which to provide a higher level of protection for the workers.

  • Application of the principle of prevention, which consist of taking action to prevent/ not to allow any professional risks leading to accidents and professional illnesses, and the measuresto provide safe and healthy working conditions are developed and implemented at every stage of the investing process, at the stage of constructing (reconstructing) the equipment and technologies and in this biggest risks are avoided in advance.

3. Environmental protection

Being fully aware of the impact of the construction-mounting works, the products used in construction, the generated construction and domestic waste, the mechanization and the transport venicles of the company, the management staff of HIDROSTROITEL PA PLC are committed to:

  • Abide in its activity to the applicable legislation and regulations referring to environmental protection.

  • Make management decisions to protect the environment, to prevent pollution and to minimize the risk for the public.

  • Provide the necessary resourses to maintain good ecological practices.

  • Inform their staff and other interested parties about the undertaken obligations concerning the environmental management and demand their contribution.

  • Improve constantly the system of environmental management and periodically report on the progress to the interested parties.

4. Staff and workers

Currently planned training for improving the staff qualifications for constant measurable work improvement, for providing safe and healthy working conditions and environmental protection.
Application of suitable methods and actions to boost the staff`s motivation for participating in all the processes of improvement related to attaining the company`s aims, for the quality of the construction-mounting works, for providing safe and healthy working conditions and environmental protection.

On its part the management staff make efforts to increase and improve the technical equipment, to train the team and to show their attitude to their overall activity which is characteristic of the European and world construction standarts."Of European type and with European quality" is the definition of Hidrostroitel PA which also makes it a desired partner outside the region it was estabilished.

5. Clients

To use effectively and efficiently the available materialq human and financial resourses according to the needs and demands of the clients.
The relationships with the clients should be estabilished, maintained and developed on the basis of correctness and honesty.

Gathering information from the clients about the quqlity of the construction works performed and whether they meet the clients` expectations and demands.

Development and maintenance of complectitive advantages based on price, quality and satisfaction of all clients and partners of Hidrostroitel PA PLC.

6. Analysis and evaluation

Periodic analysis and evaluation of the results obtained from the improvement of the quality of the construction works and systematic control of the executionof the tasks set in all the sections of the company.
Analysis of the conducted measures for providing safe and healthy working conditions and environmental protection and evaluation of their effectiveness. Ensuring constant improvement of the activity of Hidrostroitel PA PLC by making decisions and setting new aims based on the results obtained so far.

Accomplishment of the techological management processes related to the management and the quality of the products and the services, and providing safety and health at work. Environmental protection in the process of construction-mounting works.

7. Mashines and equipment

Permanent maintenance in good order of the mashines, the communication and computer equipment of Hidrostroitel PA PLC to provide quality  of the construction works and guarantee the safety and health at work.

8. Legislative regulations

Maintaining the current validity of the legislative regulations used and all the other documents adoptet by the company. Periodical analysis of the national and international  legislative regulations, evaluation of their impact on the company activity as well as permanent control of the execution of all obligations imposed by these types of documents.

Following this management policy Hidrostroitel PA PLC aims at estabilishing  itself as a preferred partner on the domestic construction market.

For the execution of this policy the menagement staff of Hidrostroitel PA PLC have developed and implemented an Integrated management system meeting standarts BSS EN ISO 9001:2008, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and BSS EN ISO 14001:2005.

Regarding this, the management staff demand from all their employees and workers, from all brigades of Hydrostroitel PA PLC to demonstrate high level of professionalism, technological discipline and responsibility in their everyday work. They have to be well-acquainted with the Integrated management system, to obey strictly the requirements stated in the documents of the system and to cooperate actively for its development.


My personal participation and responsibility for the execution of the stated policy of quality, safety and health at work and envirinmental management, guaranteeing the rigths and expectations of the clients, the employees of Hidrostroitel PA PLC and the public for constant improvement of the constructed sites, for providing safe working conditions and environmental protection and the related to this lasting prosperity of Hidrostroitel PA PLC.

Eng. Plamen Angelov

Manager of Hidrostroitel PA PLC

The company is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.
It has been standardized with ISO 9001:2008 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004 by LRQA.